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Stay Fit and Active at Home with these Four Easy Tips

Stay Fit and Active at Home with these Four Easy Tips

Staying fit and healthy can be a huge challenge since we’re cooped up at home. It may be a little difficult to find the motivation to get up and move around, but you have to keep at it. Your health is the number one priority in these circumstances. 

To help keep you going for your fitness goals, you can try these easy everyday tips:


1. Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Keep that trusty tumbler by you as you go about your daily chores and work. Once it feels light, refill it right away and get to chugging. As surprising as it sounds, one of the best and most basic ways to stay healthy is to drink enough of water.

There are certain mobile applications that you can use to help you track of your water intake and remind you to hydrate. Staying hydrated by drinking the right amount of water can help regulate your body temperature, lubricate and cushion your joints, protect your spine and other tissues, and detoxify your body.


2. Change Up Your Workout Routines

Exercising can feel like a chore sometimes, especially if you’re used to going to the gym and workout using fitness equipment. Home workouts can be just as fun. The key to staying motivated is to change up your exercises once in a while.

You can try out various workout video tutorials that are available online. If you’ve been doing HIIT sessions for so long, you may want to try Yoga or Pilates just to change things up and keep your routine more exciting. Skipping on your workout schedule might cause you to reach a plateau, which might affect your fitness goals.


3. Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Everyday Routine

Taking care of your health is not only a form of self-love--it can also help you alleviate stress which is vital in keeping you at your optimal level.

It is equally important to let your muscles cool-down and adjust to the physical strain after a workout. Alternate between intense and simple workouts and dedicate a few minutes everyday to just slow down, catch up on sleep or enjoy a relaxing day.


4. Make It A Habit

Making a habit of exercising and being healthy can be challenging, but once you’re able to do it, the experience is very fulfilling. Staying fit and living an active lifestyle requires dedication, and it can improve the quality life in the long run.


As you embark on your fitness journey, don’t forget to reward yourself the healthy way! Enjoy a glass or two of fruity smoothies, paired with healthy snacks like Jack ‘n Jill Nova Multigrain Snacks. It is made from four fiber-rich grains so you can have as much as you want without feeling the guilt. You can choose from Jack ‘n Jill Nova’s three delicious flavors– Classic Crunch, Country Cheddar and Homestyle BBQ, without worrying about cheating on your fitness goals!


So what are you waiting for? Start building healthy habits today! For more tips on healthy snacking, visit the official Facebook page of Jack ‘n Jill Nova.

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